• Product introduction:
    8 in 1 measurement: voltage, current, power,battery capacity, impedance, temperature, energy, time, external waterproof temperature probe. Scope of

    Universal test all kinds of batteries, all kinds of power supply, all kinds of charger Operation method: Keystrokes using method and the capacity, power,
    time reset Settings:
    1) Reset button long-press all data (mAh、Wh、00:00:00)
    2) Quickly button twice - capacity Reset (mAh)
    3) Quickly button three - power reset(Wh)
    4) Quickly button four - time reset(00:00:00)
    5) Quickly button five - Set up automatic standby and Discharge the countdown to remind regularly
    6)When no load output no-load, quick seven keys, and for the current zero to zero in the current environment temperature for accurate calibration, so more can do more accurate measurement in small current.