• Electric BMX 65Km Top Speed..!!! 3000 Watt 60 Volts Scary Torque and Speed
  • Custom made electric BMX on Cyprus roads. This bike have 1500Watt 60 Volts rated power hub motor with controller 1500 Watt rated an starting current 3000 Watt on 60 Volts 50Amps, batteries 3P 16S, battery pack 7.5Ah 59.2 Volts with SAMSUNG batteries 18650 INR 25R 2500mAh each, Bike can make 40Kh range with 75Kg person on it and top speed 60-65Km.
  • 6000W Custom Electric Mountain Bike 72Volts 80A Bluetooth Controller
  • Testing 6000W 72V 80A custom electric bike Giant, 80km top speed. 20S 5P battery 12.5A
  • Fast Mountain Bike Giant Terrago 72Volts 6000Watt MXUS 3K Turbo hub Motor and BMX 60V 3000W
  • Giant mountain bake is with bluetooth programmable brushless controller 72Volts 80Amps. Top speed of bike is 80Kmh range 60km Custom made
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